I design, therefore I am.

Games designer & educator.


Hi there, I'm Rob. I like to design and create things in the digital space. I have, upwards of, 20 years experience making video games and websites.

I also teach the next generation of digital talent.


These are some of the things I know. Obviously my knowledge of these things varies so check out my work or contact me to find out more.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Photoshop Logo Illustrator Logo InDesign Logo

Web Technologies

HTML5 Logo CSS3 Logo Javascript Logo Wordpress Logo

Game Engines

Unity Logo Unreal Logo

Other Skills

Basecamp Logo HacknPlan  Logo C# Logo


So I have been lucky enough to have help make a few games in my career. Here you can see some of my past game credits.

various game screenshots


Quality Assurance


Here are a few little game things I have been working on in order to maintain my skills and also learn new things.

User Experience

A small sample of the different User Experiences I have created for studdent games.

User Exeperience examples

Dungeon Game

Simple hour long challenge to make a dungeon game with generator.

Dungeon Generator demo

Post Processing

Trying out some post processing stuff in Unity with a simple clicker game.

Post Processing demo

Below are a few examples of my graphic design work.


Created for a module set by StudyWebDesign

Kaskelot CD

Thrown in Stone

Brand identity for Thown in Stone ceramics

Thrown in Stone branding

Type Trumps

Type trump cards inspired by Face37

Type Trumps cards

Contact Me

Please use the form below to contact me directly or to request a CV.